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CBSE Class 11

There is a quantum jump of syllabus from class 9 and 10 to the class 11 in-particular and 11 and 12 in general . High score achievers in class 10 underperform when n class 11 . It is because of vastness and depth of syllabus and on the top of it learning gapes in subjects such as maths and physics. Even after choosing maths stream, students learn Calculus in year 12 whereas application of calculus is essential in learning 11th class physics. Jigyasu Educare Subject experts toiling hard to provide gape filler and comprehensive study material which makes learning smooth and transition from class 10 to class 11. It helps students to handle challenges of vast and in-depth syllabus of 11 and 12 classes.

Besides comprehensive study material Jigyasu Educare provides effective ,convenient ,resourceful and multi-dimensional learning experience through real time interactive online live teaching. Hybrid ( Online + Offline) classes are also available at our head quarter. Student while travelling can continue learning with Jigyasu Educare.


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